What we do

The Vision Statement of the Council is to promote positive bilateral trade* relations between New Zealand and Tonga.

The Council is a credible source of knowledge and information for its members and non-member business and organisations. The NZTBC maintains a close relationship with a number of industry bodies including local and central government both in New Zealand and in Tonga.

The NZTBC is a not for profit, membership organisation and the only industry body in New Zealand dedicated to supporting bilateral relations across respective public and private sectors.  The NZTBC is the first point of contact for many businesses looking to explore opportunities in Tonga and it also services a growing database of business professionals who are actively doing business with Tonga.

The NZTBC works closely with the Auckland Business Chamber, Auckland’s premier business organisation, operating its central business hub from the Chamber offices in Auckland City. This relationship provides NZTBC first class administrative and accounting support, event management and marketing exposure.

The council arranges workshops/seminars, business missions, members' evenings, and other such activities that promote and encourage bilateral trade and investment, entrepreneurship and enterprise and economic development. These functions enable an environment where knowledge is shared, and business connections are made.